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The history of Haidus

Iso-Haidus is a 72-hectare island in the beautiful Uusikaupunki archipelago.
The name Iso-Haidus has also been used in maps. The history of island with the stone quarry and sailing boat wrecks makes it more interesting.

Quarry in Haidus
Suomen Kiviteollisuus Oy was founded in 1900 and the rights to quarry stone in Haidus were transferred to it. At the time 25-year old mountain engineer Yrjö Karl Grönros (1870-1966) was hired as a director at the quarry.
In the quarry of Haidus, the workers were mainly labour colony prisoners who also made up a majority of island's inhabitants.

The Haidus quarry produced stone for multiple purposes and it was delivered widely all over the Europe, e.g. many streets of Aberdeen in Scotland, base of the statue of czar Peter the Great, the Finnish National Theatre in Helsinki and the cathedral of Tampere are built of the Haidus grey granite.


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