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Isokari light house

The 180-hectare island of Isokari lies just at the fringe of open sea, 10 kilometers to the north-west from Kustavi and 20 kilometres to the west from Uusikaupunki.
Its pilot and lighthouse buildings and old and new pilot stations create a unique village community on an island with intriguing nature.
The red and white striped lighthouse dominates the landscape of the island.
Its light is 49,4 meters above sea level and 37 meters from ground level.
Russia annexed Finland in 1809. The building of a new lighthouse became necessary when planning a new sailing channel from Ostrobothnia to the Baltic Sea.
The lighthouse was to be baronial to show off the power of new mother country to the western neighbor.
Pilot major Gustav Brodd designed the lighthouse in accordance with the lighthouse of Tolbuhin in Russia (built in 1810).
The plan was examined by Carl Ludvig Engel, intendant of public buildings, and a church builder Pychlau won the public tender for a contract in 1830 with his offer of 26000 rubles.
The Russian construction workers came to island in 1831 and the lighthouse was built in 1833.
The 2-metre stone base of the tower is made of island's gray granite and the tower itself was built of bricks.
Couple of hundred steps of the monumental timber stairs take you up to the light tower where the light was set only in 1838, as much as five years after the building of lighthouse.
The lens system manufactured in 1872 for the Marjaniemi lighthouse, was installed in the tower in 1952 when the lighthouse was electrified.

The Isokari lighthouse is still in operation.
You can visit the lighthouse on a guided tour organized by Elävä saaristo (Living archipelago) association (small fee).
There is an approximately one kilometer long marked path from jetty to the lighthouse. Along the path you can find info signs of island's nature and history.
Near the lighthouse is the association’s home base Archipelago Skill Center.
Overnight accommodation is available at the center. Isokari is the jewel of Bothnian Sea. Welcome!


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