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As the map shows, there is a huge number of islands in front of Uusikaupunki. The last island before the coast of Sweden is the Isokari lighthouse island in Kustavi.
The age-old cache church in Putsaari sounds so mysterious that you simply have to see it.
The distance is about 13 kilometres.
The coastline is craggy but the foothpath to the cache church is passable. Along the footpath there are numerous reminders of that brisk industrial activities in Putsaari: the Finnish granite was quarried in these islands and the granite suited also to the smart set.
The remarkable granite dealings with Germany expired due to the Second World War and as a result the quarrying in Putsaari ended.

The wild forest is like velvet, silent and soft. Here and there are big old fallen trees. You might see a sheared birch grove where the island’s deers have had their meal.
After a little over half an hour trek we see a small wooden building with a cross on the roof in front of us. We have reached the cache church.

There are a lot of stories about it but all in all, we do not know a lot about it.
It was probably built in the 14th or 15th century.

According to tradition the Franciscans of Rauma built the church in 14th century after escaping from their monastery during the Reformation. According to that same tradition the church was burnt by the graduates on their way to Uppsala. The story tells that the ship of pyromaniacs ran into the rocks because of a sudden storm. The sea carried the pyromaniacs bodies to Putsaari near the church. Since that time an inextinguishable blue flame burned at the site of the church .
The fire went out after the pious woman from Uusikaupunki saw a vision and built a new church.

The simple church is nestled between the rocks. In the beginning it was very near the coastline for the seamen but now it’s well hidden.
The length and width of the timber chapel is only around 4 meters. There are two windows with very old glass panes, and benches beside the windows. The floor and ceilings do not exist. The visitors have engraved their names and dates on the walls. The oldest year visible is 1684. The newest ones have been daubed with marker pens.


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